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Harvard Dermatologist: Erase wrinkles and fine lines with this 5-second morning ritual. 

Affordable Formula to Ageing Gracefully is Here: Bring out The Best in Your Mature Skin and Start Living Your Life in Full Confidence. 

August 24, 2023 | 11:11 am EDT

Written By

Eleanor Lark

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I started to see sagging jowls and frown lines in my mid 30s.

I had seen it on my mom before - but when it started happening to me, I freaked out.

I assumed it was due to stress and lack of hydration at first... but the dull, aged appearance of my skin didn't go away.

In fact, it got worse!

People thought I was scowling, upset, or tired, because of my sagging jowls and eyelids. It got to the point where I started to compare myself to my younger looking coworker.

Eventually, it began to affect my everyday life. My confidence at work plummeted. I felt disconnected from my family and friends. I was insecure, lacking energy, and felt downcast regularly.

And to be frank, I probably looked much older than I actually was.

I weighed out my options - Botox, Fillers, Face lift surgeries...

I didn't have money or time for any of those.

Not to mention there was a huge risk of droopy eyelids, muscle retardation, migraines, or even permanent numbness in facial muscles!

I was stuck…

Can anyone relate?

Now, imagine being able to rejuvenate that aging skin and regain that youthful glow - from the comfort of your home - in just a few minutes - without fretting over side effects or emptying your bank account on invasive procedures.

Wouldn't you be able to enjoy all of life's special moments so much more WITH the newfound confidence and youthful appearance?

Don’t get me wrong, I don't want to look 25 again. I just want to look great for my age.

For me, the answer was 100% YES!

Well, I finally discovered a breakthrough life-changing solution, especially for those with prominent wrinkles, saggy jowls or droopy eyelids.

For the first time, you're able to restore your skin's vitality - safely, effortlessly, and without invasive methods.

And it's all thanks to this “BTX” Face Serum by GLO-RX.

If you've never heard of the BTX face serum, it's one of the first prototype serums made to mimick the positive effects of botox injectables.

...But without all those negative side effects. It has nothing to do with injecting toxins into your body. And costs 90% less than botox.

All I did was simply add this serum in my morning and night routine, on damp skin. And the results after 30 days shocked me.

Costly injections, botox treatments or fillers were no longer an option because of this groundbreaking serum!

But how did I come about choosing GLO-RX BTX face serum over hundreds of other brands that claim to reverse aging?

Let me take you on my personal journey, and tell you what factors contributed to this life-changing decision (and why you should consider it too). 

1. Comparing the Options

I started off by laying out the different options I had and how i felt it best met my criterias for looking for that ONE holy grail to make me look 10x younger. After all, I wasn't going to waste money on something that wasn't gonna work for my skin.

First off, high end creams...

Whilst in some instances these creams work, I felt like they were very overpriced for the minimal effect they had on my skin.

In fact, a 2018 study found that 70% of the top listed “anti-aging” serums actually contained up to 80% of exfoliants.

While exfoliants do help with getting rid of the dead skin cells, It doesn’t target the other, bigger factors of skin aging- like wrinkles, melasma, or dryness. 

Botox? Don't even get me started on the negative side effects...muscle retardation, risks of it migrating, ...and i just could not afford the maintenance that comes with it! 

And it makes sense, because here's the truth they're not telling you

Most of these remedies aren't made for mature skin.

But unlike other brands, BTX serum is made with the intention to restore skin that has matured.

They are made with ingredients to combat different aging skin factors... without the financial burden and investment!

2. Laying Out The Ingredients

Specially formulated to target maturing skin with its unique combination of Retinol, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Hyaluronic Acid,  and Niacinamide. 

Let's unpack the formula for a moment, starting with Retinol.

Remember that bouncy plumping skin we had when we were in our 20s?

It’s because our collagen and elastin cells were regenerating at a much faster rate.

But as we age, the production of these cells slows down.

It reacts with the inner layers of your skin to speed up cell turnover and increase production of collagen, elastin and other skin cells.

While Retinol is a key ingredient in this serum, it’s not the hero.

The hero lies in the formula of the substances, that make up the super age-defying equation.

Which I'm about to debunk below.


Vitamin E, the rescue team that fights off age spots and sun damage by neutralizing these harmful molecules and help the skin regain a more even and youthful appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid, like a skin-strengthening ally, targets sagging and loss of firmness we experience when we start to age.

Vitamin B5: like a moisture-locking hero, and cherry on top that targets dehydration and dryness, and soothes inflammation to leave you with that youthful glowing skin.

Niacinamide: like a supportive friend, targets the loss of skin elasticity by protecting the collagen and elastin fibres. They are a knight in disguise, locking in all the hard work of retinol

With all ingredients above, BTX face serum not only hydrates and nourishes the skin, but supports the skin's natural barrier function

Directly targeting the signs of ageing such as dryness, wrinkles and pigmentation.

3. Getting the most out of my buck...

Obviously Botox injectables were out of the question, costing up to a whopping $800 per session...

But when comparing the price vs value - BTX serum gave the most value per application. This doesn’t take into account discount offers and bundling discounts I added on top when I checked out- narrowing it down to as low as 0.69 cents per application!

The anti-aging serums I’ve used in the price from reputable brands were the same quantity, but cost at least 3x more, per application, than the BTX face serum.

Unlike the other options, GLO-RX also had a 30-day money back guarantee, which was a big plus for me!

4. Product Origin

I'll admit I never cared much about what I was putting on my face, I just believed paying more would mean "higher quality", but it wasn't the case here. 

GLO-RX is all for transparency and provides customers with the full ingredient list. Not only that, when purchasing the BTX Serum, you can rest assured that:

  • It's 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • It's Safe for All Skin Types
  • It's 100% Hypoallergenic
  • It's Dermatologist-approved

5. My Personal Results

As I have sensitive skin, I followed their recommendation to use 2-3 drops on damp skin after cleansing my face. The serum has a very light texture and doesn’t feel icky at all.

I wanted to see if this serum made a difference, so all i did was apply moisturiser after to lock the serum in. After 30 days, the results were nothing short of it’s promises!

You can let the result speak for itself, but in general, my skin felt much much healthier, vibrant and smoother.

Clinical Results: 97% Women (40-60) Saw Improvements in Skin Tone, Wrinkles, and Texture.


There are over 357 of prestigious medical journals and countless research studies attest to the effectiveness of these ingredients on reducing skin ageing.

The GLO-RX Lab clinical trials showed that 98% of women strongly agree that this serum has made their skin more even and bright

With 98% reporting they were much more confident in the appearance of their skin. 

BTX Face Serum isn't just a product, it's a solution based on science and backed by the top minds in dermatology.

If you check out the GLO-RX website, you will find thousands of reviews from women who were able to rebuild the confidence in their skin.

To read more reviews and order your Botox Face Serum, visit their website.

Don't just look good for your age, Look Fantastic. Period.


Now imagine this.

You wake up each morning, and instead of dreading the mirror, you look forward to it.

Your skin isn't just 'not dry', it's hydrated and glowing.

The lines and wrinkles are softened, the sagging skin is firmer.

You look radiant, and everyone can see it. You're not just 'looking good for your age'

You're looking fantastic, period.

You're not just aging,

You're aging beautifully.

And the best part?

People are seeing the vibrant, energetic woman you are, not just the number of candles on your birthday cake.

For anyone looking to getting that glow up, i've included the link below. 

The first time I tried to order, they were sold out already.

So If I were you, I'd definitely stock up!  


4.8 | 1,727 Reviews

Scientifically Formulated to Combat both Mature and Pre-mature Aging Skin

Accelerates Production of Collagen and Elastin Cells
Reconstruct Damaged Skin Barrier to Slow Skin Aging
Guaranteed Improved Skin Complexion with 30 day Guarantee


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    • Mary Vernon

      Hey...this serum is fantastic! It's transformed my dry, aging skin to deeply moisturized. I wake up with glowing skin and it has also helped reduced my fine lines. It's the relief my skin needs after a long day. Hope it works wonders for you too!

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      Hey Skyler, got mine after a week.

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  • Leanne Boyd

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      For me about 7 business days.

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    Should have bought it earlier. It's got such a nice and light texture and instantly brightens my skin overnight. I now use it twice a day, every single day, can't go without it in my skin routine.

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